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Doorway’s Retreats
We offer a number of Days of Prayer and Refection and Four Silent Three-day Retreats throughout the year.

· Our Days of Prayer and Reflection are opportunities for quiet reflection and prayer alongside others who long for quiet space to be attentive to God and deepen awareness of his love, mercy and grace. Each Day of Prayer and Reflection includes presentations focused on a scripture passage and time for personal prayer and reflection.

· Our Silent Three-day Retreats create extended time and space for prayer and reflection, often with Scripture, in a lovely environment of beauty and silence. During the silence there is the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director twice. The rhythm of silence in community, along with morning and evening prayers, creates a wonderful setting to discover more about yourself, become aware of God’s amazing love and deepen your love for God.

As you prepare for a Day of Prayer and Reflection, or a Silent Three-day Retreat, we invite you to be open and generous in your desire to spend this time with the Lord in quiet recollection.

This program is designed to offer participants a 9-month retreat in daily life based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and will be offered from September to May.

We offer an online version of the 9-month Spiritual Exercise Program. Please email: Paula at to find out more.

Questions? Contact Paula Mitchell at DoorwaysMinistry@
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